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 on the Edge

Darcy Camera Hardware

Darcy, the all-in-one Edge AI development platform.

  • Ready to deploy solutions
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Fast & secure Edge technology
  • All-in-one AI super computer & platform
  • Beautifully designed & made in USA
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Go straight from the lab to the real world
with Edgeworx + Coral

Google Coral is partnering with Edgeworx to bring you the fastest and easiest way to get your Coral up and running AND easily deploy it into the real world.
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Go from the lab to the real world with Edgeworx Cloud and Google CoralGo from the lab to the real world with Edgeworx Cloud and Google Coral

Build, deploy and run AI from cloud to edge.

The Darcy platform is an all-in-one solution which combines hardware, edge and cloud technologies to enable developers to build, deploy and manage Business AI in the field.
Darcy Platform

Use Darcy solutions out of the box, customize them, or build your own.

Reopen Safely with Darcy for Covid.

Darcy for Covid enables you to safely reopen, your school, business or facility by prescreening for fevers, face masks and symptoms.
Meet Darcy
visitors to business being checked for facemarks and fevers using Darcy AI and machine learning

Valley Christian Schools choose Darcy Protect to reopen safely.

Valley Christian Schools are using Darcy across 3 campuses and 12 grades to ensure a safe environment for faculty and students 
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“Our developers were able to go from concept to pilot in just a few weeks. This would not have been possible before Darcy.”

- Carl Krupitzer, Cofounder and CEO of ThingLogix

Darcy Customers & Partners

Orange Telecom
Darcy Develop
AI Partner
VCS Schools
Darcy Protect
Gabriel Health
Darcy Protect
Darcy Protect

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