Darcy Protect

Ensure safety & health compliance

Darcy Kiosk checkin screen shows visitors scanning a Darcy Pass and being checked for possible fever
  • Check for PPE
  • Detect possible fevers
  • Prescreen with Darcy Pass
  • Powerful alerts & reports
  • Beautiful, secure & flexible hardware
  • Future proof Darcy Platform

Automatically check for PPE

Darcy AI can automatically detect personal protective equipment including masks, hardhats, safety vests and more 

Detect possible fevers quickly & easily

Darcy uses artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to quickly and unobtrusively flag anyone with a suspected fever.

Prescreen with Darcy Pass

Ensure everyone meets your building access requirements with the customizable Darcy Survey and Darcy Pass smart phone app.

Stay informed with alerts & reports

Know exactly what's happening now and what happened in the past with real time monitoring & alerting as well as customizable historical reporting.

Beautiful, secure & flexible hardware

Darcy hardware has been meticulously designed to feel right at home in any environment. Mount Darcy in a kiosk, on the ceiling, wall or on any surface.

Edge technology keeps it local. All processing is done on the camera for optimum speed . Data is only exposed to the web when you need it.
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Future proofed with Darcy Platform

Hook into Darcy APIs and AI pipeline to customize Darcy solutions specifically for your needs or even build your own custom apps.

Extend Darcy to other hardware and sensors using IoFog Edge open source infrastructure.
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