Build, deploy and run AI from cloud to edge.

Integrated Hardware & Software Platform

The Darcy platform offers robust edge and cloud infrastructures and connects them together seamlessly. Process data locally for the ultimate in speed and security, then send only the data you want to the cloud for maximum flexibility. IoFog Fabric provides a stable foundation with an active open source community. Easily get started and hook into everything with the Darcy SDK.

Edge AI development has never been easier

Darcy OS

Quick to start, easy to maintain

  • Ready to go out of the box
  • System Monitoring and management
  • Remote access and configuration
  • Cloud logging
  • Automated self healing
  • WAP/Wifi connectivity

Darcy SDK

Get hooked into everything

  • Hooks to build your own models
  • Access AI event stream for custom UIs
  • Connect to thermal and video live streams
  • Build your own AI models

Darcy Cam

All-in-one hardware

  • Compute for local processing
  • Optimized accelerators for AI/ML inferences
  • Video, thermal and audio sensors
  • Remote configuration
  • Darcy AI, Darcy OS and SDK

Cloud connectivity ties it all together

Darcy Cloud Features

  • Multi device management
  • View your fleet of devices
  • Data retention policies
  • Remote configuration
  • Over the air updates
  • Highly available self service SAAS portal

ioFog Fabric provides a stable yet flexible foundation

ioFog is a universal Edge Compute Platform that provides a standardized way to develop and remotely deploy secure microservices to Edge computing devices. ioFog makes deployment simple, by abstracting the underlying hardware to provide a common compute platform that enables the same software to run on any device. This is achieved by allowing developers to package and deploy their applications to each device using containerization technologies such as Docker and Unikernels.

ioFog Features

  • Distributed: Infrastructure deployments (Cloud, on-prem, Edge)
  • Deploy: ioFog software and microservice apps across disparate networks behind the firewall on heterogeneous hardware
  • Manage apps and data across a logical overlay network
  • Security: Edge native, keyless security model
  • Service Mesh: Edge aware service and communications mesh
  • Edgeops: Single tool to manage deployment, orchestration and operations across all distributed infrastructure