Go straight from the lab to the real world with Edgeworx + Coral

“We were able to cut our edge development time by over 50% using Google Coral with Edgeworx Cloud…”

-Arjun Chakravarti, Managing Director, Cogknition

Reopen Safely with Darcy for Covid.

Darcy for Covid enables you to safely reopen, your school, business or facility by prescreening for fevers, face masks and symptoms.
Meet Darcy
visitors to business being checked for facemarks and fevers using Darcy AI and machine learning

Start with Google Coral + Edgeworx Cloud

Getting started with Google Coral has never been easier
Get started in less than 10 minutes with your Coral on the network. No cables or proprietary CLIs are needed. Then, rapidly protoype on the Coral in the lab and use the Edgeworx Cloud to remotely deploy, monitor and manage all of of your nodes. Edgeworx Cloud Includes all of the infrastructure needed to go from Edge to Cloud and back. Rapidly iterate and update the model from the Cloud.
Google Dev board with SD card containing Edgeworx Cloud gets you up and running fast.easily add new Edge devicesEdgeworx Cloud dashboard UI showing Edge nodes being monitored and managed

Deploy seamlessly in the real world

Transition to Darcy with Coral Intelligence… without changing anything else
Once your models are up and running locally and ready for deployment in the real world, swap out the Coral Dev board for Darcy with Coral Intelligence. Move your models from a prototyping environment to a production ready platform without making any changes to the model or code. All in less than 10 minutes!
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Google Coral Dev board in the labDarcy wall mounted in a business reception- powered by Google Coral and Edgeworx Cloud