Edgeworx ioFog Platform Drills Software Down to the Edge

Edgeworx emerged this week out of stealth mode with its open source ioFog platform, joining a long list of companies looking to gain a foothold in the emerging edge computing space.

The company's platform is based on the Eclipse ioFog open source project and targets developers looking to deploy and manage any application or containerized microservice at the edge. Edgeworx co-Founder and CEO Kilton Hopkins noted that challenges within the edge computing space are "deep enough and wide enough that the only sensible way to approach it is to divide and conquer."...

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Living On The Edge with Edgeworx

Are you looking at an Internet of Things (IoT) deployment in the near future? Perhaps you've got a lot of edge devices that are sitting idle and you want to take advantage of that power to do edge computing? Maybe you're a service provider that has grand plans to get into the MSP market with applications? Where do you start? How can you be sure you solution is secure and ready to grow with you?

We all know that we shouldn't ask questions when we don't know the answers. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to talk to a great new company that can answer all of those questions for companies and even more. Launching today, Edgeworx is a company that is focusing on the edge computing market with some great innovations that should set them apart from the rest of the crowd...

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Edgeworx Announces Availability of Open Source ioFog Platform for Edge Computing

Edgeworx launched Tuesday availability of its open-source ioFog platform, and announced funding from Samsung NEXT, Sequoia Seed and CloudScale Capital Partners. The company aims to disrupt the edge computing market, announcing the Edgeworx ioFog allows users to "bring their own edge" by enabling any device or hardware to become a secure software platform...

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Why we invested in Edgeworx

Today Edgeworx, one of our newest portfolio companies, came out of stealth and announced their funding. We're excited to share the news and look forward to seeing more companies adopt their open source ioFog platform.

At Samsung NEXT, we see data exploding at a exponential rate, and believe more systems will need to move toward computing at the edge. These systems will require a new way of thinking about how to manage them.

Edgeworx fits perfectly into this thesis: It is solving hard technical problems for operating robust and manageable systems where logic can be running at the edge. It's doing that by offering a flexible, secure, and convenient way for organizations operating Industrial IoT devices to easily collect and analyze data from those operations...

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Working the edge: Edgeworx launches to do the edge right

Kilton Hopkins has spent his career creating technologies for real-world use, most recently around IoT and the edge He was IoT adviser to the most tech-forward city of them all, San Francisco. Farah Papaioannou jumped out of the enterprise IT world (from Hitachi and HPE) into the world of venture capital (yes, frying pan to fire is a saying that springs to mind) and while a professional investor was involved in go to market initiatives for a number of companies with great technology ideas but sometimes poor go to market knowledge. As an aside, she was heavily involved in everyone's favorite new-age storage company SolidFire, before it was acquired by NetApp...

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Edgeworx Emerges from Stealth and Announces Availability of Open-Source ioFog Platform for Edge Computing

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, October 30, 2018 - Edgeworx launched out of stealth today, announcing funding from Samsung NEXT, Sequoia Seed and CloudScale Capital Partners. The company aims to disrupt the edge computing market, announcing the availability of its open-source ioFog platform. Edgeworx ioFog allows users to "bring their own edge" by enabling any device or hardware to become a secure software platform...

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IBM All In on Open Source with its Acquisition of Red Hat

It's becoming an increasingly open world as it relates to software development. This openness is giving organizations of all sizes from enterprise to startups the ability to realize a new kind of agility in software development. Red Hat wrote the playbook on commercializing open source software for infrastructure through its supported Linux distro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)...

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Edgeworx touts fog computing platform for IoT deployments at the network edge

Edge computing startup Edgeworx exited stealth mode this week, announcing the launch of its open-source ioFog software that can be used to turn any compute hardware into a secure software platform.

The company timed its launch to coincide with a seed funding round led by Samsung NEXT, with participation from Sequoia Seed and CloudScale Capital Partners...

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Investing in Edge Computing: It's Still Early, Investors Say

AUSTIN, Texas - Edge computing is a hot trend. Are there opportunities for individual investors to capitalize on the future growth of distributed computing?...There is a group of startups developing hardware and software to support the deployment of IT infrastructure at the edge of the Internet and mobile networks, which is seen as a key step in supporting the growth of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles...

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Big50-2018: Who Survived the First Round of Cuts?

We've had our hands full here at Startup50 the last few weeks, evaluating 167 startups that entered the Big50-2018 competition and eliminating more than half of them to arrive at our first Big50-2018 Startup Power Ranking.

This first ranking, however, isn't going to be all that... well, ranked.

Below, you'll find the Big50-2018 Power 55. They are listed in alphabetical order...

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What's NEXT Ep. 8: Moving from the cloud to the edge

Welcome back to What's NEXT, a podcast from Samsung NEXT exploring the future of technology. In this episode, I talk with Edgeworx's Farah Papaioannou and Kilton Hopkins about how edge computing works, and how their technology makes it easier to run applications at the edge...

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What is Edgeworx? SiliconANGLE at theCUBE

Hey, welcome back everybody, Jeff Frick here with theCUBE, we're at our Palo Alto studios for a CUBEConversation, and we're talking about startups today, which we don't often get to do but it's really one of the more exciting things that we get to do, because that's what really, what keeps Silicon Valley Silicon Valley; and this next new company is playing on a very hot space which is edge, you're all about cloud then the next big move is edge, especially with Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things...

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Following the money in IoT: Distribute the cloud to the edge

Over the last decade, businesses have been centralizing their IT infrastructure in the cloud. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is shedding light on some limitations of this approach - lack of storage, high latency, static environment, etc. - resulting in a shift from the centralized model to distributed model and to the edge for optimal user experience and cost performance...

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The Cloudcast #355 - Exploring IoT Edge with EdgeWorx

Aaron talks with Farah Papaioannou & Kilton Hopkins (@kiltonhopkins), co-founders at @EdgeWorxIO, about the evolving architecture of edge computing and some of the common misconceptions, where and how to store, run, and transport data while being mindful to security...

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Solving Edge Computing's Unique Challenges with Edgeworx

In June of 2018, the ActualTech Media team visited the offices of Edgeworx. In this video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe talks with Edgeworx CEO Kilton Hopkins. In this interview, you'll learn what unique challenges edge computing poses that we aren't accustomed to dealing with in the data center. Edgeworx provides a secure edge computing platform to deal with these many challenges.

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Deploying Secure Microservices at the Edge with Edgeworx

In June of 2018, the ActualTech Media team visited the offices of Edgeworx. In this video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe talks with Edgeworx President and Co-founder Farah Papaioannou. In this interview, Farah level-sets on what constitutes 'edge' computing and explains how Edgeworx delivers applications to the edge in a secure and easily managed fashion.

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How stealth startup Edgeworx helped me rethink the IoT edge

May 15, 2018- Are you sick of hearing the word edge yet? I am. The tech world is struggling right now to come up with the right way to express a complex shift in how it thinks about computing infrastructure. The result is overuse of the word edge, whereby it means everything from a sensor to a telco data center...

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