Make Kubernetes Edge-aware with Eclipse ioFog

Orchestrate microservices from the Cloud to the Edge

Full Cloud to Edge Continuum

Why make Kubernetes edge-aware? Because your business doesn’t live in a data center, and your applications shouldn’t have to either. Businesses face a challenge today to deliver Edge applications securely to where they are needed. We make this simple by seamlessly integrating ioFog Engine ™ with Kubernetes, enabling Kubernetes to orchestrate microservices all the way down to the edge, giving you a true Cloud-to-Edge continuum.

One Line Install

No one has time to glue together tons of software. We’ve already done the heavy lifting. ioFog can be installed into a Kubernetes cluster using Helm. We deploy our control plane into your K8s cluster, and you can now deploy and manage agents at the edge on any Linux device. Now you can orchestrate based on edge characteristics such as GPS or latency.

Introducing iofogctl​

The new iofogctl command line tool gives you… all them nodes) across multiple networks, each with potentially differing microservices – a piece of software called the Controller is used for management and orchestration. The Controller keeps track of all your nodes automatically, even across complicated network configurations, it can be used to maintain and optimize the entire fleet of devices. ioFog Fog Services provides a suite of capabilities to create self-organizing software networks that run on top of any network connectivity. No NATs, VPNs or Firewalls needed. Protocol agnostic data messaging and delivery using flexible MIME-type data architecture also takes care of data management at the edge. Using a protocol agnostic MIME-type-like approach to describing data, ioFog applications and nodes are able to handle and route any data type, even if they don’t understand the actual payload of the data. Need complete control over data routing and messaging? ioFog supports native Geofencing of data, nodes and routing. Ultimately the largest benefit to deploying an Edge Cloud Network is for you to avoid costly round trips to the cloud. Local network communication can be 12,000x faster than going to the cloud and back. Not to say you can’t run ioFog nodes in the cloud too, if that’s the flexibility you need.

Extend any Kubernetes distribution

Did you say any? We support pretty much any cloud or on-prem flavor of Kubernetes. We intend to stay that way. Drop in ioFog Engine and we take care of the hard part of connecting to the Edge. You can now orchestrate applications and microservices from your cloud to, for example, your fleet of Jetsons or Nanos.

100% Open Source

Open Source Software has proven to be the best way to deliver complex infrastructure platforms. We agree which is why we open sourced ioFog engine 5 years ago. It’s been battle hardened at the Edge. With the new release we close the final loop to the Cloud.