Working the edge: Edgeworx launches to do the edge right

Kilton Hopkins has spent his career creating technologies for real-world use, most recently around IoT and the edge He was IoT adviser to the most tech-forward city of them all, San Francisco. Farah Papaioannou jumped out of the enterprise IT world (from Hitachi and HPE) into the world of venture capital (yes, frying pan to fire is a saying that springs to mind) and while a professional investor was involved in go to market initiatives for a number of companies with great technology ideas but sometimes poor go to market knowledge. As an aside, she was heavily involved in everyone’s favorite new-age storage company SolidFire, before it was acquired by NetApp.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. He has deep technology smart while she has an innate understanding about how to take those products to market and wrap investment around them. Put the two together and you have a strong team that has now focused its attention into the emerging edge computing space via recently emerged-from-stealth startup Edgeworx…

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