ITAs IOT Summit Asks: What’s Holding Back the Internet of Things?

Another one is the telecommunications industry. The reason they’re adopting edge computing and IoT faster than others is that they’re at the center of the data flow for everybody, everywhere. So, whether it’s the fiber backbone or the cell towers, providers like AT&T or Verizon are that center point for the data flowing through. It’s a golden opportunity for providers to implement IoT subsystems, and especially edge computing. We see that as one of the key reasons that they’re picking up faster than the others. They’re either going to be a commodity pipe, where peoples’ data flows through and they don’t add any value, or they can modernize themselves with new revenue opportunities before they become obsolete.

The oil and gas industries are adopting faster because they must. If they’re going to survive in an era of increasing costs (the cost of human beings keeps going up and the price of oil keeps going down) the only way to survive is if they can find a way to stop sending a person out who costs $400 an hour to fix every problem. They can’t suffer it anymore, and they’re adopting IoT and edge computing to solve it…

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