How stealth startup Edgeworx helped me rethink the IoT edge

May 15, 2018- Are you sick of hearing the word edge yet? I am. The tech world is struggling right now to come up with the right way to express a complex shift in how it thinks about computing infrastructure. The result is overuse of the word edge, whereby it means everything from a sensor to a telco data center.

We saw similar confusion back in the mid-aughts as companies were trying to build massive clusters of compute power that could be accessed on demand. IBM and HP called it autonomic computing and grid computing, respectively. But getting access to their compute power required a few days notice and some serious engineering on behalf of IBM and HP to deliver on what companies ordered. It was Amazon and VMware that ended up creating the lasting vision of IBM and HP’s massive computing farms.

Which brings me to, a startup founded last September to build software for the edge, specifically the gateway edge and micro data center edge. Farah Papaioannou, president and co-founder of Edgeworx, says the company’s software runs on these devices and links various nodes together using a proprietary mesh network that can operate on top of a variety of different types of networks. She views it as the bridge between the devices and the cloud.

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