Edgeworx new Eclipse ioFog software release makes any Kubernetes distribution edge-aware

Edgeworx announced a new Eclipse ioFog software release that makes any Kubernetes distribution edge-aware, allowing customers to create a true cloud-to-edge continuum and deploy applications and microservices from the cloud to any edge device.
With a one-line install, ioFog Engine can be installed onto any piece of edge hardware that runs Linux, allowing developers to simply and securely deploy, manage, and orchestrate applications and microservices.
‘Eclipse ioFog is a proven platform at the edge. With this release, we build on native Kubernetes, seamlessly extending it to the edge. This means Kubernetes can now orchestrate applications and microservices from your cloud to, for example, your fleet of Jetsons or Nanos. We do this based on things that actually matter at the edge, such as latency, location or resources,’ said Farah Papaioannou, co-founder and president of Edgeworx.
‘We are delivering today a full cloud-to-edge solution that’s 100-percent open source and works with any Kubernetes flavors and distros.’

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