Edgeworx ioFog Gains Kubernetes Clarity

Edgeworx has integrated Kubernetes into its Eclipse ioFog software that continues a broader push toward using the container orchestration platform to help manage what is expected to be millions of applications and microservices in resource-constrained edge locations.
Farah Papaioannou, co-founder and president of Edgeworx, explained the updated platform as a ‘cloud-to-edge continuum’ that allows developers to use the same tools and workflows to deploy applications and microservices from the cloud down to the edge. She noted that the platform is compatible with all Kubernetes iteration and distributions using a single Helm line install and can be used on any piece of edge infrastructure that runs Linux.
Papaioannou said that the Kubernetes integration followed the market, which has reached an ‘inflection point when it comes to edge computing.’
‘Developers dont want to have to think about where they should deploy microservices,’ Papaioannou noted in an email response to questions. ‘Instead, we have extended Kubernetes to take care of it for the developer, and for the first time they can deploy microservices based on hardware resources, GPS geo-coordinates, network latency, and bandwidth price, for example.’

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