Edgeworx: Cloud-Native Edge Computing

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Cloud-native computing extends cloud best practices to all of IT via declarative layers of abstraction. Edge computing represents the shift in compute resources to the cloud edge (where CDNs position edge servers), the near edge (telco points of presence, IoT gateways, remote office network closets, etc.), and the far edge (mobile devices, IoT sensors and actuators, etc.)

Edgeworx provides an open source platform that extends Kubernetes to each edge as appropriate to abstract the underlying hardware and edge-specific operating systems and other infrastructure, thus providing a secure, manageable abstraction for compute across all edge instances. Because Edgeworx is taking a cloud-native approach, its platform scales as much as necessary, even when a customer has millions of IoT devices as well as AI-driven big data processing on the near edge.

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