10 Hot IoT security startups to watch

Edgeworx Selected as Hot IoT Security Startup to Watch by Network World

Company Founders to Speak at IoT World and Kubecon

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2019 — Edgeworx Inc. today announced that it has been selected to the 10 Hot IoT Security Startups to Watch list published by Network World. The company has also been named a finalist in the TiE50 Awards competition, recognizing the worlds most innovative tech startups. This recognition comes on the heels of last months announcement that the company has made the 2019 Leading Lights Award finalist list in the Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy category.

Continuing its involvement in the community, Edgeworx is also announcing that its founders will be speaking at IoT World and Kubecon Europe. At IoT World on May 13, Farah Papaioannou will be giving a presentation called Exploring the Trend toward the Edge that will cover the business drivers, technological changes, and global trends that are making edge computing the next must-have infrastructure. She will discuss the challenges that make edge computing unique in relation to cloud and data center and will offer real-world use cases from a variety of industries. Kilton Hopkins, Edgeworx co-founder and CEO, will participate on May 23 in a Kubecon panel called ‘Intro and Deep Dive: Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group’ with a series of experts who will investigate and catalogue challenges encountered when Kubernetes is deployed in edge and IoT applications.

Edgeworx has been very active these past months, especially in the Eclipse community, providing a horizontal edge compute platform that works in any industry and on any device. The company enables developers to build for the edge, as they can now, with ioFog, easily deploy advanced AI and machine learning algorithms at the edge to perform tasks such as real-time video streaming analysis, natural language processing, streaming analytics, and more.

Jeff Vance, the author of the Network World article, mentions the reason why Edgeworx was selected for the award: lThe complexity of securing and managing the explosion of connected devices creates a massive opportunity for open-source, standardized solutions. Just as the open-source mobile OS Android enabled Google to accelerate its mobile business, ioFog and Eclipse could make ioFog the default OS of the edge.l

‘It is an honor to get this industry recognition, because it proves what we are seeing already, that the response from the influencers, but also our customers and partners, has been amazing, and there is a real need for our platform,’ said Farah Papaioannou, co-founder of Edgeworx. ‘In the following months, we will be making a few announcements that will show the customer adoption of our solution and will explain the problems that we are solving in the field.’

About Edgeworx

Edgeworx is an edge computing startup based in Silicon Valley. The company’s technology, the ioFog Platform, open-sourced under the Eclipse Foundation, turns any compute device into an edge software platform. Developers can now simply and securely deploy, manage and orchestrate applications and microservices from cloud to edge. For more information, visit https://www.edgeworx.io or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/edgeworxio